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The Vision

What for better than thirty years was the Tyson Pork Group is now in the process of rehabilitation into a place for children to seniors.  Six buildings that were used for finishing houses for hogs will soon take on a new meaning.  With God’s favor we wish to transform them into Senior Housing, Dormitories for Boys and Girls, a Dining Hall and Meeting Room,  and a  Shop for Vocational Training.

Also, a seventh building was the Office Building for the Pork facility.  We want to transform it into a  ” Health and Wellness Center” with a Medical and Dental Facility to serve the Ministry, but also the people of the community.

Our Story

As young pastors Billy and Jeanne Coffman saw the need of a place of honor given to older ministers.  A place where they could live out their Golden Years with integrity and honor in a safe secure environment.  What started out as a proclamation, has now entered a new stage, REALITY.  In a joint effort between Victory Church NWA and Eagle Crest Ministries property was purchased north of Cherokee City, Arkansas that will facilitate the dream.  A Retiement Village and Youth Camp will be constructed on a working ranch with all sorts of farm animals.  Our Goal is “Life begetting Life brings Meaning and Life”.

There will be orchards, gardens, a petting zoo, and a cattle operation that will not only help sustain the ministry, but bring Life and Enjoyment to those who live on the ranch and those visiting.

Worship and Training Center

One of the first buildings constructed has a multi-functional purpose.  This building will be lodging both temporary and permanent, and a place for worship, training, and teaching on a small group venue. (Look at the calendar for dates and times.)